2017 Oct Biketoberfest

Biketoberfest 2017 was hit by bad news a week before its start.  Weather forecasting every day of Biketoberfest with rain.  Not good news if you are a motorcyclist, event promoter, or vendor.

Wednesday morning at vendor set-up after an all night rain.  On Tuesday, the day before, two gigantic parts vendors driving tractor trailers cancelled out.  They feared maring up in the soft ground.

Wednesday at sunset.  No... that is not a natural pond.  It is rain overflow.  Fortunately during vendor set up the rain held off.  Looks like rain moving in for tonight.

By Thursday morning the rain had ended and vendors opened up to a sun shinny  morning.

A distant look at the motorcycle entrance too the Jam-On Swap Meet.  Clear skies.

This is a long distance look at the entrance gate on the Daytona Flea Market side.

Vendors were still arriving Thursday during morning hours.  The skies are clear and beautiful, but the ground is still soggy.

Looking out towards the parking lot from the display of Ghost Riders Leather.

Thursday sunset was merely dark cloudy skies.  Although the rain held off during open huurs it is obviously only a matter of time before it sets in once again. 

Darkness setting in on the Jam-On Swap Meet  Thursday evening.  Still no rain.

Thursday nights rain did not help the grounds any.  Friday visitors. mostly parked along the pavement.

Looking at the motorcycle entrance gate Friday afternoon.

Off and on rain showers popped up Friday evening.  After the third one visitors started thinning out.

A drone shot of the Jam-On Swap Meet during peak hours Saturday.  

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